Selfie Abuse.

I made my annual sojourn to the streets of Sendai on January 2nd to fight the masses for a chance at a Happy Bag. The first bag I bought was at Taka-Q and a few years back I also bought a bag from them with fine results. This time out, I got a nice coat, sweater, shirt, scarf and a sweatshirt. Not bad for a C-note.

We (Dan the Man and I) wandered aimlessly down Clis Road poking our heads in the nerdier shops but not buying much, though I did nab some Titan loot.

And then we struck the Ghibli flower shop. There were only a half-dozen left and the expensive ones had been sold out so I grabbed a 3000 yen one. Lots of Kiki stuff, perhaps anticipating the soon-to-be-released live action reinterpretation of the Ghibli movie.

And of course some of the usual Totoro goodies including a Petunia start-up kit.

I wasn't overly pleased but not dismayed with the Monsters Uni-bag. I should have noticed that it said lunch set which is why I got a bento box, cup blanket and hashi. I am tired of borrowing chopsticks at work, so these'll come in handy.

Finally though, I am most pleased with my set of Gachapin garb. Lots of goodies like hoodies, sweats and Ts.

Unlike previous years, some of the stuff is actually practical. I've already worn the coat and though a little snug around the waist (what isn't?), it is quite warm. Even the UFO catching that I did had practical results:

Okay, that last item isn't entirely practical but it is an axolotl which has been my email address line for years. In Japan they are known as Upa Rupa and are rather ubiquitous in the pet stores and in the summer you can even try to win one at UFO Catcher, this is the closest I've been to winning one.

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