Hoppy Gnu Deer!

So much for my resolution to post more regularly!

Here is what happened on New Year's Eve.
First I met up with my friend Hitomi and we started with a few drinks at Inatora, just like last year.
We exchange Christmas presents and this is what I got.
A half dozen Zombie finger puppets, a cool t-shirt and a giant nose that dispenses hair gel.

But even better that that is she somehow managed to find a pack of Fright Flicks from 1987 with the cheesiest captions ever.

Can you name the movies that the following pictures are from?

We then moved on to the main party of the night and after 30 minutes of searching for a restaurant that turned out to be about 20 meters away, we indulged in a few brew with the zoo crew. Because we came late, we weren't included in the nomihodai/tabehodai so we ordered some food on our own. Two different people tried to steal fries from us believing them to be part of their all-you-can-eat special which can't have been all that special since they were still hungry.

After that their gang all wanted to spend a small fortune at Bar Isn't It and ring in the New Year in the traditional manner, getting wasted. From the pictures I saw of the event, they managed to reach their goal.

We wandered back to Inatora and were lucky enough to get a table. There was a French guy singing Spanish ditties and a Japanese gal presenting belly dancing. A much nicer way to ring in la Bonne année.

This is an ex-Tokiwagi gal that showed up to the shindig.

Peace out fellow zombies!

I'm heading back to Inatora for some Happy Hour drinks with a few pals. Yippee!

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