Dew Do.

I'm not a big fan of Mountain Dew. A long time ago (in the early to mid-60s!), my father was the Chaplin Chaplain at Camp Couchiching when we lived in Aurora, Ontario. So we got to spend our summers at camp for free. I have three memories of that time that stick out. One: while hiking, we discovered a dead garter snake and our camp counsellor slit it down the middle exposing its guts. Two: while skinny dipping in the lake, one of the kids took a pee while we were doing the back float. Three: At lunch one day no one really liked their tomato juice so they asked me to drink it for them. I had about a dozen glasses of it. Later that day, I took a sip of a Mountain Dew, belched and then barfed up the entire concoction. The counsellors thought I was bleeding internally. Since that day, I have rarely drunk a Dew; I still like tomato juice though preferably in a Bloody Caesar.

Therefore I approached this snack with great trepidation. It can't possibly taste good, but to my palate, it does. Tangy and cheesy, this mini-box of Mountain Dew Cheetos is apparently just the item that Gamers might enjoy. I'm not a Gamer and I'm trying to cut down on snacks so I won't try it again, but give it a try and you might be pleasantly surprised! (Or you might barf it up, who knows?)

To wash it down, I guzzled a manly drink, Men's Cider. It is berry flavoured but it is not bery good.

Not recommended for anyone of either gender.


Mark D. Keene said...

Awesome post, and great story! But are you telling me your dad was Chaplin, as in Charlie? Or a chaplain, as in a man of the cloth?

Michael Jones said...

Both. He used to walk around with a top hat and cane and also presided over the Chapel.
(Also, nice catch on the spelling.)


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