I was just ready to retire last night when I came across a movie that was just starting on my Nippon Channel. I knew nothing about it and a few minutes into it, I saw a kaiju on the screen so I decided to lay back and indulge. It's a dopey comedy called 地球防衛未亡人 (Japanese Wiki here) or Chikyu Bouei Miboujin  which loosely translates as Earth Defense Widow.

The director is Minoru Kawasaki who may be Japan's answer to Ed Wood, considering his imdb.

It stars MItsu Dan as Amano Dan, a former geisha dancer who marries one of her customers. He dies in a Kaiju attack and she then joins up with the Earth Defense Force to fight it. The snag is that she undergoes erotic (yet SFW) flashbacks when in close proximity of the monster and this diminishes her capacity to engage in battle.

She is aided by colleague Aikawa Wako (Miku Oono) who spends most of the movie behind a computer screen.

Minister Tamaoka is played by Ultraman veteran, Koji Moritsugu and he has one good gag in the movie. In the heat of tension when no one knows what to do, Tamaoka stands up dramatically. Everyone looks at him expecting words of wisdom and he announces "Toire" (I have to go to the bathroom.)

The only other Daikaiju movie connection is the role of the Prime Minister played by Hide Fukumoto who also played PM Shinto Abe in  ギララの逆襲 Girara no gyakushu also by the same director.


The President of the United States is played by comedian Nocchi who badly lipread perfect English dialogue. The running gag is that every time he was on screen, they'd fade back and he was always in the company of one or two hookers.

Now for the title monster, ベムラス or Bemarasu. I tried to photograph him from my TV but wasn't entirely successful.

 He got a tummy ache from eating too much toxic waste and was easier to capture.

I scammed a few better resolution pics from the net.

I was beginning to nod off near the climactic battle whereupon they called upon an Ultra-clone to defeat the creature. Best gag of the movie (SPOILER),

as the credits are rolling, the UltraDude is human sized, though still dressed up in his uniform, and is seen walking towards the Tokyo Unemployment office.

This is not the best movie I've ever seen, nor is it the worst. Check it out...if you dare!

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