Into Into The Woods.

I bought an advance ticket to Into the Woods weeks ago and it was finally released here on White Day last week. I went with my friend Yvonne (aka. Batgirl) and gave her this lump of brown goo as a White Day present.

If you look at it at another angle, it turns out to be an iguana, which is kind of cool.

When I purchased the ticket, I received a mini calendar but I have little use for a pocket sized one, so I also gave it to her.

I liked Little Red a lot. Great voice, coy yet nasty, nice acting chops. I expect great things from her in the future.
Rapunzel was cute, yet I hope she didn't suffer from dandruff. I'd call shenanigans on her hair loss and instant regrowth, but hey, it is a fairy tale.
I had NO idea that the Prince was Captain Chris Kirk Pine. 
Cinderella has a great voice. Furthermore, I was not disappointed in the hobbling that her step-sisters suffered.
Depp as the Wolf. Suitably sleazy and unless it was dubbed, has a fairly good set of lungs on him.
Usually I find kid-actors to be annoying yet Jack was really good. His mom was terrific but when isn't Tracey Ullman terrific?
Once again Streep pisses me off by proving that she can do anything and play any character. (Jealous much?)

If you look at this photo closely you can see that I'm wearing the green.

That's because it was St. Paddy's and afterwards I went out for a pint or three of Guinness. Yum. Happenny Bridge was crawling with dignitaries from the recent WCDRR, who had wrapped up their Disaster Risk Reduction Conference earlier that day. Thus I had to sit way at the back and only got a blurry photo of the entertainment.

Still, I met some old friends, made a few new ones and had a great day overall.

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