A Good Day On a Sad Day.

On this Fourth Anniversary of the 3/11 triumvirate disaster (Quake, Tsunami and Nuclear Mishap), we're all reminded of the fallen and their families. It doesn't help that today's snowy weather is mimicking that day. I had a chance to recount some of my experiences and, truth to tell, mine are all pretty cheery. (For a recap, click here for the beginning of that tale.)

Today at work, I had a very cheery day with my Grade Ones teaching them about Body Parts.  First they ran a relay and drew some figures on the board. The first kid draws a head, the second draws eyes, the third draws a nose, and so on. Here is the result of one of the classes.

Throw in a few songs and have them trace their hands into original creations, and it results in some quite happy campers.

Try and guess which were drawn by the girls and which by the boys. It was nice to see some smiling faces today. 

While everyone out there is remembering the tragedy, I choose to recall the strength that I saw among my friends and neighbours. Please keep smiling!

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