Dollar Festival.

March Third is the day of Hina Matsuri or the Doll Festival and I'm going to hijack the day on behalf of my fellow Canadians who have been "Spocking" their fivers in honour of Leonard Nimoy. Fortunately, the Bank of Canada has considered his behaviour to be legal so go on out and Spock your bills!

I found a fiver in my drawer so I'll take a crack at it tomorrow. I'll show the results if I don't embarrass myself too much.

In actual Doll Festival news, we received some sweet mini-Senbei bits at lunch yesterday. Pretty yummy.

Today, I made an impromptu Doll Festival lesson for my Special Ed kids and we made paper dolls. My meager effort is below.

Finally, I was happy to find some Evangelion/Hello Kitty mashup dolls in the conbini today. Even better, they were slashed from 771 yen to only 200, therefore I got all three!

I challenge others to showcase their Spocked fivers. Good luck!

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