Walking Funky.

I'm looking forward to the latest episode of The Walking Dead tonight and I wonder if any of these characters (courtesy of Funko) will make a reappearance.

I seem to recall Michonne beheading her Walker companions so I doubt whether this guy will show up.

This charcoaled guy could reoccur, it'd be hard to tell otherwise.

I'm not entirely certain who this cutie is, could be Carol's daughter from Season 1. Wait, she got skewered by Andrea.

Even though Doctor Doom has died and been resurrected a few times, the chances of him showing up are very slim.

The Governor has shown up in a dream sequence, so he could easily haunt someone else's nightmare.

Grampa Simpson may act as though he's a zombie, but he isn't one just yet. So he's out.

Carl will definitely join us tonight and for the first time in 5 seasons, I'm actually beginning to like the kid!

 Well, the episode has just begun, I guess I'll just have to wait and see...

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