Arts Raws.

If one looks hard enough, one can find anything. For example, if you look at the title of this post, you'll find an anagram for a popular movie series. If one searches within a select group of Supermarkets or Conbini, one can find these Art Cards. Feast your eyes upon them and then try and guess which movie series I'm talking about.

These are my favourites of the bunch, mainly because of the Japanese style of the artwork. Too bad the artists names are not portrayed anywhere so I could seek out more of their work.

I like the Boba Fett the best though all of them are damn good. (Yoda is a little over the top though.)

This Hildebrant poster is the only one of the lot that credits the artist. Must be a legal thing.

These postcard sized cards are printed on thick cardboard and sealed in plastic, which is why all of the pics are a little wonky so as to not reflect the light. (I really need to get my scanner operative) I hope you enjoy these; at around 3 bucks a pop, they're a little expensive but they look great.

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