We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges!

A long time ago in a cinema not so far away, a movie called Star Wars, The Force Awakens opened and, since then, has gone on to be the #1 grossing movie topping Avatar in less than a month. But that kind of cash is Peanuts* compared to the bucks they make off merchandising, especially from suckers like me. On opening day, I didn't get a chance to see the movie, but I did manage to buy up some of the goods for sale prior to the movie's 6:30pm release.

I don't really need no stinkin' badges (especially at a cost of 350 yen a pop), yet I still wanted to check them out. This is actually a random draw deal with 3 levels of rarity. On the plus side, I did get one of the rarer ones. I shan't be purchasing any more of these.

Other goods include: two different kinds of mini Post-it notes,

A Millennium Falcon pen,

Some tape,

2/8 magnets. These are much nicer than I expected them to be, otherwise I would have purchased more.

There were several of these Reflectors and some were even sold out hours before the movie opened.

On a curious whim, I bought a pack of cards for a "Trading Card Battle" which is all the rage over here. Note, if you can find these in a vending machine, spend your 2 bucks there. If you buy them over the counter like I did, you have to cough up the sales tax.

This was the most disappointing purchase of the day, I am SO glad I only bought one. Expecting a package of breath mints, all you get is a little metal case that goes over a package of breath mints that you have to buy separately. IF you can find the right sized mints!

Checking out the bending machines, we (a fellow Michael and myself) discovered some B5-sized Clear Files. I bought 3/8 of them.

 Above are two different ones; below are two sides of one file.

And in another vending machine, we cleaned it out of these Holographic cards. We each got a full set and only a few doubles all in all.

If you wiggle them back and forth, the image changes slightly.

(That took 2 hours to upload. Definitely using YouTube next time.)

I also picked up a The Little Prince tape,

 Cute, but it'll go into a package for a friend.

And a pair of Snoopy stamps. They were going fast, so I had to snap them up.

Most of the above goods are sold out now. Sorry, I suppose I should have informed you earlier (but I misplaced this bag of loot!)

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