Holy Sh*t!

Holy Sh*t, it sure didn't take long for me to break a New Years' Resolution. I had planned on cutting down on my UFO Catching but lo and behold, I just had to catch some sh*t!

The poo is cool and squishy so I plan to keep it in its plastic wrap until I need it.

While I was there, I saw a couple trying to catch a plastic Anpanman change purse to no avail. The machine beside it held these mini-Star Wars pouches. I landed fourteen of these in 20 tries. I still didn't have a complete set of eight, so now I have lots of doubles!*

*I now have two complete sets and a ton of doubles/triples/quadruples. Tomorrow is "Lucky Bag" Shopping Day and I plan to wander the streets of Sendai amid the masses of bargain hunters. IF you see me, mention this blog and I'll give you one of these pouches!!

Happy New Year!

ps. I made it to my local shrine to pay my respects but almost all the lights were out and only a few stragglers were there. So I snapped a couple of pics and went on my merry way home.

I love that turtle!

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