Into the Labyrinth.

I finally had a chance to watch Labyrinth last night and it was as fun now as it was 30 years ago when I last saw it.

I learned something cool recently. Gates McFadden (Beverly Crusher of ST:TNG fame) did all the choreography for this movie.

Here are a bunch of behind the scenes tidbits for you to peruse.

These Brian Froud cards came along with this Collector's edition. I know I have a Brian Froud/ Terry Jones book sitting in my locker in Brampton. I'd really like to leaf through it now.

RIP. David Bowie (My second favourite David Jones. My dad is #1, Davey Jones of the Monkees is #3.)

I was planning to place a whole bunch of photos of tribute to David Bowie that I'd scammed from the Net but there are too many to choose from. I will add this one from the wonderful Super-Team Family blog though.

This Simpsons animated tribute is pretty sweet as well.

Speaking of animation, I'd like to draw your attention to this Cartoon Brew article with a few animated tributes. This one is my fave of the bunch.

Now tonight, I just read of Alan Rickman's passing. What is it about 69-year old Brits and succumbing to cancer? The best villain ever. From Die Hard to Prince of Thieves to insert your favourite bad guy here. Also brilliant in Galaxy Quest and the best thing about any Harry Potter movie.

 Let's just bunch him together with Richard Libertini who some will equate him with Fletch or All of Me or dozens of other roles. For me it is his turn as Geezil in Popeye or his several different characters on Barney Miller that I'll remember.
And there's Pat Harrington who is best known as Schneider or the Pink Panther's Inspector but I have a unique memory of him from a really old episode of F-Troop where he portrayed a spy by the name of B Wise who did a spot-on spoof of Maxwell Smart.
B Wise: Would you believe I'm the man of a thousand faces?
Capt. Wilton Parmenter: I find that hard to believe.
B Wise: Would you believe eight hundred and fifty?

Let's try and go a few more days without any more deaths please...

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