Chewie, We're Home.

With those three little words, a franchise is guaranteed its success.

Welcome to the Millennium Falcon! Those fine folks at DeAgostini have finally released their "assemble your own Millennium Falcon" model kit. (For details, check this out.) I spoke in some detail way back in November about their latest scam enterprise and it is worse than I thought.

I usually buy the first book at the cheap price (in this case 499 yen) and then ignore the next and subsequent issues at 1,999 yen. This time, I snapped a few surreptitious photos in the bookstore. This is what you get:

I don't know how many issues are planned but it'll take about 1000 bucks to amass the parts to put together this vessel. At least you get a couple of nice pictures in the book, such as this one.

There's also a binder, I could probably use one to hold some of the SW paraphernalia I've already collected (cards, posters, Clear Files, etc.) but at 699 yen, it's a tad expensive.

Chewie, you may be home but I'd suggest you get a cheaper spaceship.

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