B vs. S

For a change, the new Batman vs. Superman movie (NOT Batman v. Superman. It's a battle, not a lawsuit!) is being released in Japan almost simultaneously with North America. Unfortunately, it's released on the day that I fly to Toronto! That hasn't stopped me from buying a pair of advanced tickets though. Mainly because it comes with a nifty free clear poster. I'd like all four but I don't think I'll want to see the movie that many times.

The goods are beginning to trickle in. I found this pair of glasses at a Supermarket over the weekend.

Buy four pops and get one glass. Since I am travelling home soon, I picked up a few as souvenirs. (Like a case's worth, but they were on sale.)

That little tab above is attached to each bottle. You can win something; I'm not sure what, but it doesn't matter for I was a loser (はずれ hazure) with every bottle.

At the movies last week, I had a bucket of popcorn (Half Caramel/ Half Salt) to celebrate Batman vs Superman, Dawn of Justice. (Note: the Japanese pronunciation is Batoman vee-ess Supaa-man, Jyasutisu no Tanjou.)

Nothing else in Japan yet though Canada has minted a new silver coin, looks cool, is only 20$ and is worth 20$.


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