A Quintet of Kaiju!

These five little guys are part of a promotion by Dydo and their Barista Coffee.*

These  ゴジラ デスクトップアイテムズ (Godzilla Desktop items) (Not pictured...King Ghiddorah, he was sold out.)

Godzilla still mint in package. 

I mistakenly thought that Godzilla's function was to hang on to the rim of a drinking glass. Click this link and you'll discover I was wrong.**

Minilla is an elastic band holder and King Ghiddorah is a earphone reel.

Mecha-Godzilla doesn't stick well to a rounded surface though I'm sure he'll stick well to a mirror or iPhone. (Once again, click that link to see them in action.

My favourite is the Mothra larva who acts as a 名刺 (Meishi or business card) holder. I didn't have a card handy so a playing card works as well.

*Here is the homepage for Dydo and a picture of the goods in action.

**For those of you who don't want to click the link, here is the actual use of Godzilla...a pen holder.

I have purchased a few spares to give away to pals when I go to Toronto next week. Let me know if you want one!


Sean Kelly said...

Did you find Ghiddorah?

Michael Jones said...

Yes, 2 or 3 in fact. Plus 2 more full sets.

Sean Kelly said...

I went out to Aeon last night and got some for me and friends and then picked up another at Livin today (plus an extra Mothra for my petty officer friend).

Michael Jones said...

The day I discovered these existed, I went to about a dozen different supermarkets and drug stores, hoping to find the coffee for cheaper than Conbini prices. No such luck, Sunkus was my only locale but at least they had discounted them by 20 yen.

Sean Kelly said...

I think the wave is over. All my local shops have the coffee but no little guys.

Michael Jones said...

I found a few the other day at a Seiyu Dept. for only 110 yen. I landed another set.


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