Best Easter Movie Ever!

Recently I got sucked into a violence debate on a Facebook post about Watership Down. Since I just happened to have the movie pamphlet handy, I thought I'd showcase the highlights as an early Easter present.

I'll let the artwork speak for itself and offer up little editorializing.

General Woundwort freaked me out when I first saw this.

Some letters from fans.

 The cast...

Zero Mostel makes the best seagull this side of Jonathon Livingston.

Art Garfunkel sang "Bright Eyes" (link to the opening credits.)

The back cover.

As you can see, this movie had an effect on other artists, such as Tezuka Osamu!

Well I'm on the topic of Easter, here are some KitKats that I will be bringing to Canada as presents. Possibly the best tasting ones I've had to date.

Perhaps more appropriate for Pancake Tuesday, yet I suppose Lent is now over so you can feast on Pancake-flavoured Kitkats!

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