Get Jiggy.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. My annual tradition is to dress gaudily in green, have a few pints at the Ha'penny Bridge and snap a few photos with the lasses. This year did not disappoint.

 The band played on.

It was a fun night. Alex and I reminisced about our days 3 decades ago when we'd wander the streets of Toronto and go comic shopping, play with toys at my place and watch odd, now classic cult movies. I was the only adult in his then teenager life who didn't condescend to him and I became his Nerd-hero (Nerdero).

I'm waiting for a video to upload but it's taking too long and it's past my bedtime. So I'll revise the post later. Unfortunately until I do upload it, this post's title won't make any sense.

I re-uploaded it and now here is a vid of two lasses and a lad doing a jig!

As an added bonus, here are a few pictures taken by other attendees last night.

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