Little Orphan Oni.

Wouldn't it be great to see this guy as Daddy Warbucks?

Or perhaps this guy.

Almost a year ago, I paid a visit to the Oni Museum  (Oni no Yakata in Kitakami) and yesterday I dropped in again. Not much has changed except this time I managed to tape the intro one receives upon entry. Great special effects!

I gave up filming too soon for now it really gets creepy!

Forget Ring around the Rosie, that is much eerier.

In the first link above, there is a mini-vid of a two-faced Oni. Here is a shifty-eyed one.

As before, I snapped photos of this Krampus from Austria, I can't get enough of this mask.

I took a closer look at some of the foreign demons, here some the Peruvian ones and an Indonesian one (not sure which is which.)

Here are a few Sri Lankan ones. Very cool.

And a Mexican one.

Over in the Kiddie corner, there were some Arts and Crafts, I really like the Gegege Pet Bottle Wind Chimes.

I never noticed these before, some Gegege Wooden Puzzles.

Finally more wall masks...

and this jolly fellow is the greeter.

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