On this date, when I remember to do so, I preview a little Oz book in honour of the birth date of Frank L. Baum. Rather than dig through my Ozu archives myself and figure out which books I've already done, I will show the covers of all the Japanese books I own*. (Click that link or the handy label at the bottom of this post to see them.)

Starting with the Hard covers...

The smaller paperbacks are quite ubiquitous, one can find them in any bookstore, some conbini and there are often a few for sale in the used bookstores. I donated several of these to a Winkie Convention (a convention for Oz-ophiles) and they were auctioned off with half of the proceeds going towards Japan Red Cross!

I've only seen this variation of the above once, though it is very nifty. A similar edition yet with a trio of figures from the anime.

I have picked up two different paperbacks even though they only have a few pictures and way too many actual words for me to attempt reading.

Finally, here is an odd program from an independent play of Oz.

(*I think I may have some more books in a box somewhere, in which case, I'll update this entry.)

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