It's Wacky Watari!

I really love my new job (teaching at the Elementary Schools in Watari) but there is one snag to the whole gig. My commute takes me by several geeky venues at which I am sorely tempted daily to pick some geeky items.

Case in point, this 1986 DorMei  Godzilla figure purchased at Second Street, a second-hand store. Awesome looking though slightly off-model.

Speaking of Godzilla, I saw this poster in the window of 7-11 suggesting you buy advanced tickets. The bad news is that the Mecha-Godzilla mentioned at the bottom of the poster is no longer available to win.

Across the street is the incomparable Mandai. I was there when I first started the job in April and managed to depart without buying a thing. During my last trip, I was not so fortunate.

3 mini-discs of Pink Lady, a disco duet from the 80s. Click that link and you'll understand my obsession.

Two Dynamic Game Blocks of Go Nagai's characters. Though I'd heard of シスタージル Sister Jiru, I've never seen ゴール Goal before. If I can find the others as cheaply as 150¥, I plan to get the rest.

A couple of Dark Knight Bearbricks. The Catwoman was twice as expensive as the Batman.

A couple of packages of loot, one of some Ultraman figures et al. and one of Attack on Titan stuff. I'll open those later.

And the best for last, two cars from Wacky Races; the Japanese version is called チキチキマシン猛レース (Chiki-Chiki Machine Fierce Race). I got the best two of these probable Gacha-capsule cars, #1 is the Boulder Mobile driven by the Slag Brothers and #2, the Creepy Coupe driven by the Gruesome Twosome

Now that I know these exist, I have to track down the others!

That is one Wacky theme song!

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