Forgive Me Godzilla, For I Have Shinned.

When I espied this figure the other day, I knew I had to purchase it. As a member in good standing of The Church of Godzilla, I'd be remiss if I didn't showcase it for the church's founder, Tony Isabella.

There is a back story for this and you can read it and see a few more pictures here. If I see any more of these figures, I'll be sure to snap them up (no matter how sacrilegious they may be.)

The Church has great cause to celebrate the forthcoming release of  シンゴジラ (Shin-Godzilla or Godzilla Resurgence) and I was fortunate enough to meet Godzilla in person then barely escaped unscathed.

Unfortunately I met him in the lobby of a movie theatre and the shiny lights prevented a pristine photo op.

 These aren't much better.

So just watch the trailer instead...

Last April, I sent some flyers to Pastor Isabella so he could distribute them to his congregation and from all accounts, they were well received. I hope to send him a few more to spread the word.
Here is the flyer in question (front on the left, reverse on the right.) If you would like a copy yourself, comment on this blog and I'll send you one.

A few weeks back I bought a ticket for the movie and received a Godzilla vs Evangelion Clear File. Will these two icons meet? Who knows, considering the director is Hideaki Anno and he is partially responsible for creating the Evangelion mythos, anything is possible.

See you at church. If Space-Godzilla doesn't get you first!

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