What a Zoo!

I missed out seeing it in Canada when it premiered there so I was forced to watch it here in Japan, unfortunately dubbed into Japanese. To its credit, the dubbing is well done but it is very frustrating that there are NO viewings of the movie with English. (Why do they promote the Hollywood voice actors here when only a very few cinemas in Japan show the movie in English?) I've complained about this before and I'm sure I'll complain about it again. Oh well, I suppose I can accredit it to my need to study Japanese.

As the title of this post alludes to, the movie I'm talking about is  Zootopia. If you haven't seen it yet, run out and do so. It's wonderful. (Even in Japanese.) I'm sure many of the jokes went over my head, for that matter, they went over the heads of all the other audience members. No one in the joint was laughing. At my showing, there were no kids, just adults silently sitting there watching the animation before them.

NOTE TO HOLLYWOOD! My idea for a sequel involves the Zootopia gang getting into an altercation with chimps, monkeys, gorillas, etc. from Simiantown. "Forget it, Judy. It's Simiantown!"
You heard it here first!

I didn't see the movie upon its Japanese premiere though I did snap up a few items just in case they sell out quickly. A couple of Clear Files (of course):

 Front above; reverse below.

 Front above; reverse below.

 Front above; reverse below...and
 We DO need some stinkin' badges!
 A couple of stamps.
 Not bad looking, I'll have to head back to the Movix in Rifu to see if there are any left.
Giant movie poster:

Before it premiered, I was lucky enough to win these four characters for only 7 bucks. Not bad!

On Saturday, I slyly nabbed a fox on only my second try. Not quite as lucky with the other large plush.

At UFO Catcher today, I espied this sextet of mini-plush toys and was happy to see 4/6 of the lesser famous characters.
 This particular venue has very week arms to its cranes and thus I was only able to tame a shrew.

At the Disney Store, one can buy some Zootopia Tsum Tsum, yet at 620 each, it would take a lot of cash to make your pyramid.

I have nothing against Shakira (prior to this, I had never heard of her), but I think I prefer the Japanese version.

It's sung by Dream Ami and I think she has a lovely voice.

Which do you prefer? Also, where the heck is her biggest fan, the obese cheetah Officer Benjamin Clawhauser, plush figure??

As an aside, I thought this deep chinned Jay Leno lookalike orca was kind of cool.

 I may try and get the panda or croc.

Aside #2. From what I understand, several Furry conventions were renting out entire theatrical presentations of this movie so they could enjoy the movie in all its anthropomorphic glory. I don't know if the VancouFUR furries were attending a movie showing yet the Hotel in which they were housed was also where several hundred recent Somalian refugees were also placed. Welcome to North America!!


Sean Kelly said...

We have the option of seeing movies here on the base. But it is about 90 minutes door to door from our mansion in Yokohama. Combining that with school and other activities, we are usually limited to Friday night, Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon. Which of course means we missed seeing Zootopia on base.

Unfortunately my Japanese skills are still rudimentary (whereas Little Miss is fluent - thanks shokkago) so we usually skip the Japanese only shows - except for Godzilla.

Michael Jones said...

It should be released on DVD soon so you'll be able to get another crack at seeing it.
Even though I don't fully understand the Japanese, I still enjoyed it.

Sean Kelly said...

June 7th is the release date. The library should get it some time after that.

The real trick will be seeing X-Men this weekend. Saturday is Sports Day.

Michael Jones said...

Do you get some kind of early release on base? The rest of Japan won't see X-men until August 11.
Deadpool is top of my list for next Wednesday! (Even though I did already see it in Canada last April.)

Sean Kelly said...

We get mostly the American releases date. But with only two theaters, not everything comes in on time. For example Deadpool was about a month or so late. And we never got 50 Shades of Grey (prudes). This weekend, X-Men and Alice Through the Looking Glass opened.

The only early release we got was Godzilla. They had a special sneak preview and they were very strict to emphasize that only US SOFA members could attend. The next week we had Haruo Nakajima talk to us about his history and then watch the movie with us. That was cool despite no autographs.


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