Happy Geeky Star Wars Towel Day!

I'm a geek (or maybe a nerd, definitely not a dweeb) and proud of it. Today is Geek Pride Day and I have a few geeky items to showcase today. Since it also happens to be Star Wars Day and Towel Day, I'll start with a Star Wars Towel. (Forgive me if I've shown any of these before, I don't plan on searching right now. You can just click Towels in the "Labels" and hunt yourself.)

 I'm not sure where I got the above though for some reason I have two of them.
 I've had this Darth for well over a decade now.

and Yoda (looking an awful lot like Mel Brooks) are all UFO Catch acquisitions from last X-mas.

This is a more recent swag snag, a BB8 throw rug. I don't really want to use it as a rug because it is too cool to tread upon. Perhaps I'll hang it somewhere.

Here are several Disney towels collected over the last few years. This Sleeping Beauty is new as of Sunday and the Zootopia from a few days before that.

This Monster's Inc. one is huge, about twice size of a regular beach towel (in order to snap a pic of the whole thing, I'd have to stand on a chair.)

 I have no idea when or where I got this Pooh.

 These Donald towels are from a Disney Lucky Draw from 2 years ago.
 Once again, no idea where this hanky came from.

Some miscellaneous items. Starting with this Terminator Genysis silk handkerchief.

 An Atom hanky and an Atomu/Ishinomori collaborative hand-towel.
 I think I found this at Mandai for a buck. An interesting take on Bubbles.
 A soccer towel from Hub's grand opening two years ago.
 Some Dragonball lengthy towel.
 I reckon I won this at Conbini Lucky Draw but I couldn't say for sure.
 NO idea what this is, or where/when I got this.

The less said about this genital cloth, the better. I do believe I bought it at the Kanamara Matsuri. (VERY NSFW pictures at that link.)

Let's see what I can amass between now and next Towel Day!

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