Dino Day.

It's こどもの日 (Kodomo no Hi or Children's Day) here in Japan and what better way to celebrate than talk about a museum that I went to a month ago. Kids love dinosaurs, don' t they?

The Dinosaur expo at the National Museum of Nature and Science is there until June 12th, so go now before they fossilize. The highlight for me the 15 metre-long, スピのサウルス Spinosaurus, that cool creature from JPIII. (Click his name for some facts.)

Of course, a favourite Tyrant is the T-rex who logs in at a mere 12 metres.

Smiling for the camera is, appropriately, the Camarasaurus.

A new genus and species from Chile is the Chilesaurus diegosuarezi. Mmmm. spicy Chilesaurus.

Another recently discovered dude is the Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus. a Russian herbivore. A real cutie with some proto-feathers.

A replica of the dino with the hipster name, Chasmosaurus from Canada.

Some Hadrosauroidae heads. There was an audio reproduction of its aural cavity. Pretty cool.

A raptor (maybe this), a darn big fish and a Ceratopsia (actual names unknown, sorry.)

At the exit, there is a wall full of drawings by kids.

 My personal favourite.

In the adjacent building is a permanent display of an Ark full of animals. Here are a choice few.

Giraffe tongues!

Outside the museum is a whale pondering the meaning of life just as it's about to smash into the pavement.

I bought a postcard and a couple of Gatcha-capsules. I wish I'd bought all four but at 400¥, it was too chancy to keep trying.

I'm really happy to have scored this one, Yi, a dino with bat-like membranous wings.

What did your kids get up to today?

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