Comic Conmen.

One of these days, I would like to go to San Diego's ComicCon (SDCC) just to see those wonderful trailers and pick up a loot bag and a few other goodies (maybe even a comic book or two.)

For those of you unable to click the above link, here are a few of the upcoming awesomeness coming from Marvel. I will accompany them with some cool UFO-caught characters that I recently acquired. (Rocket is my fave though Hulk is pretty adorable as well.)

This isn't in the above link, rather it is a panel with several of the Guardian gang.

This SDCC preview of a new mini-toon featuring Groot and Rocket looks great.

Hulk was one of the original Defenders (the comic) and he is going to RagnaRocknRoll in the new Thor movie.

Here is his pal from that comic, Dr. Strange.

They are nowhere to be found among the recent Netflix trio of DareDevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. (Hopefully, they will become popular enough to warrant their own UFO Catch creations.)

 Spider-Man is going up against Birdman Michael Keaton as the Vulture. I can't wait!

Ironman was the guy who recruited Spidey for the Avengers. Unfortunately, my computer keeps freezing up on me so I can't waste any more time searching out these vids. Click the links above and search yourself!

I do so wish that the last Batman v Superman movie was more kid-friendly so there would have been more merchandise available for me to grab by UFO Catch claws. I encourage you to search for the DC events yourself. I'll leave you with a trailer for Suicide Squad which, alas, we have to wait until September!

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