In Tsummation.

I happened to be wondering through the Aeon Department/Supermarket and grabbed a 12-pack of tea. With that came a free 2017 calendar featuring all of the Star Wars TsumTsum characters. Sweet!

There is another variety of tea that also holds within a TsumTsum calendar. I wonder if it's the same one?

Speaking of TsumTsum Star Wars, here is an empty box that once held some truffles. They were delish yet can no longer be found upon the shelves.

Also within the same supermarket in the bakery are these Avengers TsumTsum confections. It's 2100 yen for 9 of them so they are a tad expensive, but if you have a girlfriend who isn't diabetic, it should be fine for Valentines.

 Falcon looks yummiest!

To Tsum up, there are lots of TsumTsum yummies to be found!

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