I've been putting this off time and time again and am determined to finish my Santafication tour of last year.

First up in early December was my annual visitation to The Tohoku Electric Friends of Canada Christmas party. Ably assisted by "Black Santa", we handed out prizes to all the attendees and got to eat and drink some Canadian fare.

Hey, could that be fellow Canuck Blaise of Monkey Majik fame on the right?

As a finale, we warbled out a raucous version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Before the main attraction (ME), the Men's choir sang a few Christmassy tunes as well as a harmonic rendering of Oh Canada! They were pretty good and may have recruited me to join them next year.

The other main attraction was an attractive Paper-cutting Dancer. Woohoo! She made me a Dragon!


The above individual is the new Canadian Ambassador to Japan whose name eludes me. We went to an after party with he and a few other celebs.

This is the album cover of Monkey Majik's latest single, which can be heard during the end credits of the latest Cyborg 009 movie! 

I landed a present from the gig as well, a box of chocolates. My intention was to regift the goodies, but they ended up in my tummy instead.

My next gig was taking pictures with several dozen kiddies at a couple of Day Care centers. Alas, not many photos were taken.

One of my reindeer.

Most interesting anecdote from the day was at my second gig out in the sticks near Aizu. As I walked in in full Santa garb, one of the staff said, "Good Morning." I replied, "Actually, it's Good Afternoon." She then said "Michael Sensei??" She recognized my voice as her teacher 10 years ago at Seiwa High School! (Or she recognized the condescending tone I used in correction her.)

Part 2 of Santification will continue tomorrow...

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