Happy Newt Year!

I cannot believe that it has been several weeks since I last blogged. I guess something else always seemed to come up. Hopefully I'll be back in full swing and catch you up on all the festivities since Black Friday.

Here's a Newt to tide you over.

My New Year's Eve was spent in the pub with a few friends to ring in the demise of the horrific 2016 and welcome the hopefully less horrible 2017. The Hub graciously provided us with some cool mustaches so we could look cool and so I could hit on some gals.

Anyone who bought me a belated birthday beer received a Harry Potter/ Fantastic Beasts hanky and a wand. I managed to imbibe five pints that way. (I'm the only one I know who gives away presents on their birthday.)

Three of us went to Karaoke for a few hours afterwards and I popped into my neighbourhood shrine to pay my respects.

On New Year's Day, I made my way downtown to see Rouge One Rogue One in IMAX because the first of the month is a cheap movie day. Cool, we landed this sweet poster as well.

I have a Star Wars post that I'll save for a rainy day but since it is the new year and I'd like to pay tribute to at least one person who passed away last year, Carrie Fisher. Here are some pictures from last year's calendar that showcase Princess Leia.

Calendars are darned expensive over here and they don't ever go on sale until around ten months after the year is over. So I was hard pressed to find one. I settled for one from a DVD magazine, yet it is a cool one.

Because this calendar was so cheap, and because I'll forget to post the pics bimonthly, I'll reproduce the whole thing for you now.

A handy dandy chart showing all the DVD release dates of kaiju movies.

That's it for now. Happy Belated New Year!

We must steal our selves for the upcoming Year of the Cock (Rooster) featuring the Drumphmeister!


Pip said...

Happy New Year, Mike. By the way, I did not receive a present for your birthday...

Michael Jones said...

Buy me a beer and you will get one!


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