Sanity Clause II

 Finishing up my Santa pics for the year are my regular annual gigs at Royal Park Hotel and Ernies Bar.

Here I am suiting up as St. Nick.

 Which rocker do you think I resemble?

This year I took photos with almost 1000 kiddies over the course of three days and for the first time I had to work on my birthday, Christmas Day.
This is a pic of my professional pic.

One of the bonuses of this arrangement is having a lovely co-host!

The other staff members had to get in a pic with Nick as well.

And so did the Juggler!

In the midst of my Hotel adventure, I joined Ernie at his bar for a Christmas party. Unfortunately I didn't get any good pics of my own so I scammed a few from Ernie's Facebook page.

Which one of us is the evil twin?

As usual, I popped into Title to see my pal Suu and to give some treats to his patrons.

Similarly, I paid a visit to Liga where they were having a mini-costume party. Cutest darn tree, I ever did see.

And for some reason this guy chose to pose half naked with me. (Note: look closely at the cleaver embedded in my head.)

Another nice thing about wandering through the city as Santa is having random gals asking to have their picture taken with you

Finishing up my Santa stuff, I'd be remiss if I didn't add in Mr. Hankey. He was once again very popular in a rousing game of "Pass the Poo" with my younger students and one kid named him, Unchi-kun! (Poo-boy.)

Finally, this popular anime character (whose name I don't know) has been zombified. This has become my Facebook avatar until something better comes along!

That's it for Christmas and Santa, coming up later will be a far more important occasion, my birthday!

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