Friday was payday and as an added bonus I got my Santa remuneration as well. (Well, you don't think I HoHoHo for free, do ya?) I popped into Aeon Natori and to the UFO Catcher there. When lo and behold if there wasn't a new Shin-Godzilla figure on display. It took me about a dozen tries but I finally bagged him!

If you look closely at the box, there are two different ones. So the next day, I happened to be downtown (a long story) so I popped into another Game Centre and landed the other one.

Pretty cool, I like the purple better. Now how does this guy compare with the one that I won when the movie first came out? Let's take a look.

Triplets, only this one has a brownish hue.

While attending the premiere of Doctor Strange (another long story), they had the above items but Woohoo! there were also some mini ones including the Derp-Zilla!

To end my day yesterday, I happened across a Record/CD/Book Sale on the top floor of E-Beans. There I found what appeared to be a magazine yet turned out to be a large card-stock poster of Godzilla vs. Mecha-Godzilla.

 The interior.

A close up of the right-hand corner. Can you name them all without checking the legend?

The back page.

Not a bad score. Even better was a bin full of old Godzilla figures, most of which were out of my price range. I did pick up Minila blowing a nuke-bubble for three bucks.

Finally, I'd never seen this odd little item before. It looks like Godzilla with a ball-gag in his mouth! I had to buy it just to see wtf is going on.

Whoa, cool! there's a switch on the back and it actually spits out a red marble. There was one or two more, if they are still there when next I'm downtown, I'll have to pick up another so they can battle.

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