Stranger Things.

Finally, finally, finally, Dr. Strange is winging its way to cinemas in Japan tomorrow. As you can see here, it had its World Premiere in HK on October 13th last year and was released everywhere else within a month of that date. EXCEPT FOR JAPAN which has to wait another two months. Heck, it's due for a DVD release next month! (And they wonder why there are so many pirates out there...)

It has been tough trying to avoid spoilers when even the headlines of articles contain vital information. Sigh! Ah well, at least I can go see it in glorious 4D tomorrow! I hope to get a whiff of Dormammu.

One movie I did get to see recently was BioHazard, the Final. I never played the game so I didn't even know that the actual title of this franchise is Resident Evil.

Note to self: don't harass Alice.

Or you might get shot in your privates.

Fantastic Beasts was, in a word, Fantastic. I was never much of a Potter-phile, I'd only seen the first 3 and the final half of the final movie. Yet I was immersed into this movie as soon as it began. The IMAX experience helped a lot. I suspect I'll enjoy the magical effects of Doc Strange even more, but the ones in FB were pretty darned good.

I saw the previews for Youkai Watch and I thought the live action version actually looked pretty cool. I think I'll wait until it comes to TV though.

Sadly, I apologize for not knowing anything about this franchise. That didn't stop me from being knighted though.

I've never seen a Doraemon movie either. That didn't stop me from performing as an extra in it!

In another perplexing move, Japan has postponed the release of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children until February 3rd. That's only about 18 weeks later than its official premiere in the USA. Sigh!

I hope it is worth the wait. (It doesn't really matter, I'm a sucker for any Tim Burton movie.)

Hopefully I'll be able to get up to a few more cinematic shenanigans tomorrow!

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