I Have a Pen!

I have a Pen!* Pen magazine, with New Attitude, that is.

*Not to be confused with the following. Listen to it at your own peril.

Within are some vintage comic covers, such as...

Also on the inside cover is a foldout from Avengers Annual #2, courtesy of artist John Buscema. I remember having this on my wall as a nerdy 10-year old. I plan to give this magazine to a friend for her birthday but I'm hoping she'll let me keep the poster so I can put it on my wall again.

There's a cool interview with Marvel founder Stan Lee. He even signed my copy! (And for everyone else.)

And of course, there is tons of info about their movies.

The TV series...
(Which sadly, I have never seen.)

Some info about Japanese comics creators such as Gurihiru.

The goods...

And finally, an ad for Yakult.

In English:

and in Chinese:

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