Onerous Oni.

Another day, another batch of Momotaro fighting Oni. This time his companions were Godzilla, an Oopa-Loopa (an axolotl or Mexican salamander) and a Penguin. This pleased me to no end as the axolotl has been my favourite amphibian for decades and Gojira, say no more.

Here is an Oopa-Loopa in action. As you can see, it'd be useful in a battle against Ogres.

That is the saddest Penguin, I've ever seen.

You have to look closely, though if you do, you'll see that Momotaro is packing heat!

Once again, here are several more Oni for your enjoyment.

I was impressed with this rendition of Onigashima. I wish I had taken a picture of the Oni that lived there. One was Mickey and the other was A Little Green Man both with Oni-horns.

A few more tidbits about Setsubun. Last Friday, we were given some nuts as part of the ritual (one is supposed to eat as many as one's age. They didn't have enough to feed me.)

One of the teachers gifted me with this pair of candy, they sort of tasted like Sweet Hearts.

Speaking of sweets, I popped into Mitsukoshi and checked out their Choco-fair. It was VERY crowded and it would have been a great pick-up place if those shopping there didn't already have an intended paramour in mind. What follows are the chocolates that caught my eye.

I bought a TinTIn tin.

There will probably be some more Oni tomorrow...

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