Lego, Let's Go!

It's been a huge hit stateside and touted as one of the best recent DC movies. Suicide Squad? Duh, of course not. It's レゴバットマン ザ・ムービー or The Lego Batman Movie (that link takes you to the Japanese website. You can hunt around for the official site yourself.)

Here is the trailer. I fear that I may have to trek to Tokyo in order to see it in English. It is animated and appears to be for kids therefore the chances of it being released with subtitles instead of dubbed are slim.

Regardless, I ran out and bought an advanced ticket for its premiere on April Fools Day.

"Why would you spend an extra 300 yen on an advanced ticket when you could see it cheaper on April 1st?", one might ask. The answer is because you also get a free Batman in the Phantom Zone Lego toy along with your ticket!!

Sweet (I'm not going to assemble it until after I see the movie. There may be spoilers within.)

I was so excited, I ran out to the nearby Toys R Us and picked up a Lego mini-Battoy. Lots of villains on the package, surely I'll get something cool.

Nope, really lame. It may have a plot point in the movie but otherwise I'm fairly disappointed. Good thing I know someone who loves receiving Batman presents...

On the plus side, at least I didn't get #3. I do wish I could get King Tut (#19) though.

Well, that put me in a better mood. I can't wait to see this...

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