Happy-ish Valentines!

Just a quick Valentine's post.
First up, a pic from last year's Youkai Watch calendar. Love is in the air!

This was from yesterday's lunch (for some reason, whenever a holiday crops up on the school lunch, they always serve the treat the day before the special day.) A Potato croquette in the shape of a heart and some chocolate pudding.

Valentine's Day is the day that the ladies in the office give the guys a treat, we can reciprocate their kindness next month on White Day. One of my schools gave me a box of chocolates. I'm impressed with the high quality of truffles received. Sadly, my other school didn't give me anything!

I scammed this from a previous post because I couldn't locate my Godzilla calendar. I only wish that this box of choco was a reality.

Finally, here is a romantic interlude between Godzilla and a potential paramour.

ps. I'm just a tad blue today for it was 35 years ago that my father departed and joined the choir invisible. Fortunately, I have Spider-Man teaming up with Dr. Strange and Moon Knight in cartoon form to cheer me up.

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