Geekier Gacha!

The Capsule-Fest ends tomorrow, so here are a few geekier Gacha that may suit your fancy.
Starting of course with my favourite Kaiju, Godzilla in various incarnations.

I already have a complete set of these so I only got one for fun. It just so happens to be the most popular and thus harder to find one, Shin-Godzilla!

I have 9/10 of this set (as recounted here) and alas I didn't get Mecha-Godzilla that I need, I got yet another Hedorah. Sigh.

These 墨絵 sumie or ink paintings-styled key chains also had an Ultraman series. I got one eons ago and they re-released them for this fair.

The Ultraman figures below are 400 yen a pop which is too rich for my blood so I didn't sample them.

Another reissue of Pacific Rim.

This one wasn't at the fair, rather at Toys R Us. Pretty expensive for VAG, I think.

Gundam, One Piece, Dragonball et al.

Harry Potter for you wizard wannabees.

This was the only superhero that I could find. I think I have a full set of these somewhere.

These two, Spidey and  Venom, were not at the fair either. I picked them up at a Game Center and haven't seen them elsewhere since.

Some stuff for the kiddies (and the young at heart).

 I'm including these because they are so strange.

Read more about Cup no Fuchiko if interested.

 Finally, I'll leave you with Ghostbusters.

Another capsule that I didn't see at the Fair but later at e-beans is Naomi Watanabe.

She has her own plus-size fashion line and has a Ghostbusters connection and you can watch it here.

I would love it if these four gals started up a Ghostbusters franchise over here!

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