Those fine folks over at Gashapon have struck gold again with a set of Shin-Gojira desktop items. (Click that link for better pictures of the following.) This time up, there are four slightly different variations of SG.

This guy wraps around your finger. Have your own finger-puppet show!

This curvy fellow straddles your pen when it's not in use.

 These two are danglers.

They will hang on while you sip your favourite beverage.

In other Godzilla news, last week, I caught a nice big larval stage Shin-Godzilla. I liked it so much, I caught another one today.

 It's so cuddly!

If you have a spare 72000 yen, you can pick up a life size Gojira bust from his Biollante days. It'd make a dandy hat rack.

Clicking around the d'Agostino website they have two different Gojira t-shirts to choose from. Unfortunately the sizes are M or L which by Japanese standards leaves most of North America out of luck.

Presumably this sudden resurgence of Godzilla goods is due to the forthcoming blu-ray release in a few weeks.

It may finally be time for me to upgrade my entertainment system. My tv is so old that there is no way to hook up a blu-ray player to it.

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