Happy ReBirth Day!

Yesterday was the 6th anniversary of the Earthquake/Tsunami/Fukushima Plant calamity and I have spent the weekend relaxing at home and doing a whole lot of nothing. I like to pull up this image every year just to show the only damage that befell my apartment. Gamera took a header into my toilet!

He survived fine and is now a proud papa.

March 11th also happens to be the anniversary of the first publication of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus. Next year will be its 150th anniversary! Here is a copy of its novelization and I've added most of the pictures from that book.

 In the lab.
 Ghoulishly assembling his creature.
All wired up.

No wonder Prometheus* was so angry all the time. Victor gave him a superfluous third nipple.
*(I won't make the rookie mistake of referring to Frankenstein's creation as Frankie or the Monster. When necessary, I'll just call him Prom.)

Prom sees his first sunrise.

Trying to make friends but *Fire...Bad!*

Upon entering the village, he doesn't fare so well in making new companions. Who brings pitchforks with them to town meetings? (This is the same plot as every single Casper the Friendly Ghost story.)

Maybe this old blind guy will befriend me.

Or maybe not. Upon seeing his reflection, Prom realizes he is not very handsome.

I'll just proctor this ESL class and learn to speak English good.

He's a quick study and soon learns of his origins once he reads Victor's diary which is conveniently illustrated.

Now that I'm educated, surely the local villagers will accept me.

Nope, we axed you before to stay away !

Two can play at that game.

Ooh, I just know this friendship won't end well.

Too bad Justine the nanny gets framed for young William's murder.

But Vic doesn't mind because he's gonna get some.

Prom warns Vic that he'll soon pay a visit.

I'm getting married in the morning. Ding dong, the bells are going to chime.

I've heard of a shotgun wedding, but not a shotgun honeymoon.

And then the scene skips to the very end of the book in the Arctic wastelands. The End!

This link will take you to an anime adaption of the above story, dubbed into English.

I recently bought another adaptation of the book and perhaps I'll show it off soon.

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