I picked up this Gamera Pachinko a few years back and decided to finally release it from its packaging.

Here is a video I made in my attempt to get a jackpot. (Spoiler Alert: I don't.)

I captured the readout a few times. As you can see, in addition to the regular Pachinko icons such as SEVEN or Cherries, there are Gamera and some of his more famous nemeses such as Gyaos or Guiron.

Of course there have been actual Gamera Pachinko machines such as this one.

But I refuse to go into those stinky, deafening pits of hell.

Since I plan to utilize this machine to save a few shekels, let's see what other piggy banks I already have.

Ultraman and one of his villains (I couldn't find it upon Googling. Can anyone help me out here?)

Also my Google-fu is failing me here as well. I'm pretty sure this is an Ishinomori character but it isn't Kikkaider or  ロボット刑事, Robotto Keiji, I don't think. Once again, help me out.


And the rather non-pc Majin, a genie from Dragonball

Of course this happy fellow is Darth Maul before he got mauled.
Some of these even have coins in them. Too bad, they're Canadian otherwise I'd head to the Pachinko now!

The Holy Grail of piggy banks is of course Godzilla. I really need to find a cheap one of these!


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