It's Ash Wednesday!

I love this painting of Ash drawn by Arthur Suydam that I acquired a few years back (click those links for details). I plan to post it on every Ash Wednesday.

As for yesterday (Shrove or Pancake Tuesday), I had a couple of waffles instead of hotcakes.

The school year is winding down now and I'm beginning to bid farewell to my Grade Fivers and Sixers.  I've been giving away some SW stickers as a Sayanora present.

I was rather touched today when my genkiest class ever treated me to a chorus of PPAP, substituting Eigo/Fun and Michael/ Dai-suki for Pen/Pineapple/Apple/Pen.

Speaking of Star Wars, I snagged a Gatcha-capsule of Darth. This one is a memo-holder.

I had a beer with Lego Batman today.

We caught a viewing of Nice Guys, it was quite fun. Ryan does a great Lou Costello impression.

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