Avengers Assemble!

I finally got around to Assembling my Avengers and, man oh man, did they ever turn out great. There was a Kuji (lucky draw) campaign several weeks ago for Avengers and of course, I the Collector, had to get them all.

Though it isn't the "A" Prize, I'm going to start with Black Panther because it's my favourite figure.

 The "B" Prize was IronMan*.

"C" is for Captain America.

"D" was T'challa above and "E" is the Visionary Vision.

"F" is the Mighty Thor.

"G" is the Incredible Hulk!

"H" is the lovely Black Widow.

"I" am Hawkeye.

The "A" Prize (and thus the rarest) is IronMan and his butler Jarvis.

AntMan is the extra prize one gets if you manage to get the final Kuji.

One irksome discovery I made is that the Hulk design is identical to a Hulk that came out two years ago. You'd think, they'd at least make a new one. I know Thor also has a doppelgänger, I'm not sure about the others.

The ubiquitous "J" and "K" Prizes are what you usually receive when you spend your 620‘¥. "J" is 4 different hand towels and "K is 6 different tumblers. As you can see I have many tumblers. (Those stacks are 2-3 high).

Anyone want a cup?

I put an * beside IronMan above because I happen to have won 4/6 figures at UFO Catcher back when his third movie was released. Now I really want the IronMonger!

So when are we going to see Scarlet Witch or Falcon figures? Until then I'll have to make do with this t-shirt I just bought.

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