Happy Harry Potter Day!

Twenty Years ago yesterday, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Sorcerer's Stone was first published

The above Hedwig and all the items that follow were acquired around the time of the release of Fantastic Beasts thanks to an Ichiban Kuji contest (and fortunately most of these were snagged at half price!).
The "A" Prize

Harry's wand with a display case.

The "B" Prize is a Gryffindor Blanket with hoodie.

Similarly, the final prize (received after you buy the last kuji ticket) is a Hufflepuff blanket with hoodie.

The "C" prize is Hedwig above and the "D" prize is this pouch.

This is the last of my "E" prizes. I gave away one of these hand towels plus a mini wand ("F" prize) on New Year's Eve to anyone who bought me a belated birthday beer. Needless to say, I got fairly drunk that evening.

In addition to the HP loot, I managed to acquire some Fantastic Beasts swag via UFO Catcher. First up is the platypus-esque Niffler who has its own little pouch.

As you can see, it's resting on a muffler. It is longer than I am tall.

This little pouch is good for holding a few potions, yet the briefcase can amass a multitude of Magical creatures!

Finally an acrylic charm.

I'm not sure whether some of the above items will be used in a makeshift Potterish costume or whether I'll give them away as gifts.
Happy 20th Harry. I'm looking forward to more Fantastic Beasts...

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