What do you get when you mash up an owl with a gorilla? A Gowlilla, of course.

This is the latest Gatcha capsule that mashes up Gorillas with various white animals. As you can see, there is an Alpaca-Gorilla (Alparrilla?), a Dog-Gorilla (Dorilla?), a Rabbit-Gorilla (Gorillabbit?), a Polar Bear-Gorilla (Porillar Bear?) below, an Owl-Gorilla (Gowlilla?) above, and a Seal-Gorilla (Searilla?).

They're so cute and repulsive!

Speaking of cute (and a tad repulsive), I went to 志和古稲荷神社,  Shiwa Furu Inari Shrine, in Iwate Prefecture. The best I can fathom is that Inari Shrines are dedicated to Rice/Fertility Gods and are often represented as Foxes, or something like that. Anyway, this particular shrine has a mummified fox in a box. Unfortunately as we went during the off-season, the box was closed so we couldn't get a good gander at it.

If you click and embiggen the pic, you may be able to make out a heap of fox bones.

If I ever need some spare change, I know where to go.

A few seconds of a babbling brook.

In our Iwate travels, we popped into Hanamaki to see the English Coast which alas had flooded so there was little coast and lots of river.

A nice trip overall but even nicer was the loot I purchased at the Mandai clones! Details tomorrow.

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