Cute Q!

I had a pair of weddings last weekend in Kitakami which meant that I got to stay overnight for free in a Comfort Inn. Pretty nice digs and right beside the station, great buffet for brekkie as well.  I had an entire day to kill between the weddings so I called upon my pal, DantheMan who drove up and met me. We ventured out to Morioka and only got lost once and finally arrived at our destination, the Mansai (Mandai clone). Not much of note though between it and the Mandai clone in Kitakami, I did come away with some loot.

Such as this Ultra Q character (whose name eludes me).

I was curious as to what this card was and for only a buck, I thought it worth investigation.

 This is the flipside.

And this is what came with it. A little diorama for me to build. Pretty cool but where'll I put it?

 Another Ultra-goodie I bought were a couple of random rubber straps.

Other Kaiju karacters that I landed were a couple of bottle caps featuring King Ghiddorah and Mothra.

Four mini-figures. If I feel so inclined, I could use them for a finger-puppet show.

This may be a knockoff Godzilla, I couldn't find any Toho label on it.

And when I saw this King Caesar, I was intrigued because the bottom of it looked like a hollow dab through which I could stick my finger. It turns out that I was ripped off for it is missing its legs and tail!

I found a few Marvel figures such as these Bearbrick Spidey and Cap.

And best of all, Spider-Man cruising on a hog!

Speaking of Marvel goodies, I found a couple of TsumTsums at the cinema shop. They are rather expensive but look very cute!

Also at the Cinema are some rubber straps but are about 200 yen more expensive than similar straps.

I probably have other doodads to add though I'll do so at a later date...Signing off.

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