Minion Opinion!

The big news for aficionados of Kinder Eggs is that they are finally coming to the USA. Well, at least something similar is coming called Kinder Joy, which averts the American fear of choking on a plastic toy. Over here in Japan, kids are able to figure out that chocolate is for eating and plastic toys are for assembling and playing with. Furuta has been putting out Disney eggs for years now and recently Universal Studios* is getting into the act with Illumination Entertainment's Despicable Me.

Though I do like Despicable Me, I find the Minions to be the worst part of the franchise. Yet they are extremely popular over here. After I bought the first egg, I was very impressed with the quality of these eggs, so I bought a few more. Then I found them at the supermarket for even less. Now I'm only two shy of a complete set!

I even landed the Secret one, a Minion King.

If you happen to have #s 3 or 4, those are the only ones I'm missing for this set.

Other Minion merchandising out there includes these candies.

Which comes with a little Minion on a chain.

These are about two and a half bucks which is too steep for me. I'll wait a month until they get discounted.

*Speaking of Universal Studios, USJ has added a Minion Park to its Amusement Park.

This is of course all in anticipation of Despicable Me 3!

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