The Bright Knight.

As a wee lad of 8 or 9, I remember watching Batman on ABC after school at 4 pm. and then running home the next day at the Same Bat-time on the Same Bat-Channel to watch the follow up episode. My mother made us superhero costumes and my brother and I would run around portraying Superman, Batman or in my sister's case, Robin. The show would not have been the same without the deadpan acting of Adam West and I was saddened to learn of his passing at the age of 88. (Stupid leukemia!)

I was lucky enough to have met Adam West at a Card Convention sometime in the 90s and he was very charming, though he did refuse to dance the Batusi for me. Click on the pic above to see his signature.

Thanks to Pinterest, here are a ton of pics of Batman's Japanese connection.

I watched the cartoon as well and though Adam West did not do the voice in The Adventures of Batman, it was definitely done in the same vein as the show. Here is Sue Cream Sue singing the theme song to the Japanese version of the toon. (This guy has translated the lyrics for your perusal.)

Though not really West-related, while digging around looking for my copy of the Batman Movie (which I couldn't find, did I lend it out?), I found this coin that I bought two years ago. 20$ Silver Dollar featuring Adam West and Steve Reeves Batman and Superman.

I'll leave you with a choice clip of West as both Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, Batman, in conversation.

A friend found this obit for Mr. West in a daily Japanese newspaper.

Here's a translation of the above:
Mr. Adam West, 88 years old (US actor) 9th (*referring to June 9th in Japan), died in Los Angeles due to leukemia.

The family revealed on Facebook on the 10th. Born in western Washington. He acted as Batman, a leading role in the TV drama "Batman" which began in January 1966, and gained popularity. He appeared in many movies as well as acting as a voice actor of TV animation. (Los Angeles reporter Tahara Tokutani)

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