Tons of Tanabata Tidbits.

I had three hours to kill between two lessons while downtown today, so I decided to wander around amidst the banners.

My trip started out heartily on Jozenji Dori.

After that, a brief sojourn through Kotodai Koen...

I filled out a questionnaire (by mostly copying the answers of the person in front of me) and picked up some freebies.

A foxy clear file and some beefy stickers and wet-naps.

Also a pair of Corn-Potage sticks and a hand fan.

A Selfie under Pikachu.

And another fan and stickers.

En route to lunch, I wandered over to City Hall and checked out the banners there.

I would love a Kokeshi Airplane!

Onward through Chuo-Dori and its banners...

Over to Teddy's Diner for lunch. Messy but yummy. (That link has a review with address and phone number though the Google Map didn't work for me.)

I'm going to stop there for now and continue the rest of my tour later.

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