More Movie Mayhem, Mainly My Mummy.

So I wonder, when Ahmanet is winking is she actually blinking?

I saw the latest version of The Mummy on opening day and by ignoring the latest trailers and critics' reviews, and 8 weeks of the Web,  I managed to go into the movie with a mostly unspoiled frame of mind. That being said, I did still know a little about it, such as its involvement in the Dark Universe and that Tom Cruise will be hamming it up on screen.

I was not disappointed, Tom was as hammy as ever. Sure, I still have to ignore the huge plot holes and undead zombies instead of mummies and occasionally off-putting FX, yet I managed to enjoy the comic relief and the crows (including Russell Crowe) and the gals in the movie, especially Sofia Boutella, as seen in the pics below and at that link. 

One thing that I hope to track down is this collaborative Mummy Manga. Click that link for a few more details.

When at the cinema, I convinced a couple of High School gals to take a photo of me inside this sarcophagus. Cheese!

While I had my photographers with me, I asked them to take a pic of me getting an X-ray.

I did not expect to have an unwanted guest in my belly! (Click the pic to embiggen it.)

At first, I was taken aback by this character...

But then I looked in its eyes and I met my new Ghoul-friend!

I bought an advanced ticket for Tokyo Ghoul and hope to see it tomorrow. After that, I plan to download the new Augmented Reality app I was given with the ticket. Hopefully, I'll be able to point my phone at something and see a Ghoul sitting there!

Another movie I saw recently was John Wick 2. Lots of dumb ol' fun, recommended if you liked the first one (and the inevitable third one.) Here is the clear file I landed when I bought an advanced ticket.

Hey, I just got that joke. His name is Wick. Light a candle again and it is RELIT. Tee hee!

Finally Spider-Man will swing its way into our cinemas in less than two weeks. In the interim, you can check out this contest...
*Edit: thanks to a commenter, here is a link to a 109 Twitter campaign.

And in a few weeks after that, I can enjoy some Wonder Woman/ Hello Kitty popcorn!


Fried Toast said...

There's a 109 4DX Twitter campaign as well:


Michael Jones said...

Thanks. I was too lazy to seek out the link myself, I've now embedded it.


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