Giga Bites.

I checked out the Giga Dinosaur Exhibit (click that link for a few details and a video) last week and it was pretty darned impressive. The only thing that bites about it is its complete lack of English. Fortunately they had Latin names for all the dinos so I can look them up that way.

For example, this handsome fellow is Yangchuanosaurus Shangyouensis, a Chinese version of the Allosaurus.

Or Equijubus normani, a herbivorous Hadrosauroid.

The Protostega gigas is a 3-metre long turtle.

I'm not sure what the above fossil is but I do know that picture below is when a panorama shot of an Elasmosaurus goes horribly wrong.

This is (or rather was) a Typothorax coccinarum, an armoured Aetosaur. (And no, I have never heard of it before either.)

And now a couple of pterosaurs, the Ramphocephalus.

And your basic Pterodaustro guinazui. プテロダウステロ グインズイ

And you know that old joke, "Why can't you hear when a Pteranodon goes to the bathroom? Because the P is silent." The joke doesn't work in Japanese because the P is pronounced.   

Eoraptor lunensis. Clever girl!

This Coelophysis bauri casts a mean shadow.

A whole bunch of skulls...

 Tsintaosaurus spinorhinus

And his little buddy, Prenocephale prenes.

The big guy is an Euhelopus zedanskyi and the wee lad is a Lufengosaurus.

This dude with the elongated neck is the largest dinosaur that has ever been displayed in Japan, the Ryuangosaurus giganteus. Very difficult to capture in just one shot.

Now several shots of an Ankylosaurus and its cousins. Why? Because they have always been my favourite dinos.

Ooh! A Dimetrodon limbatus!

You might think these are two Stegosaurus species but it's actually a Tuojiangosaurus multispinus.

And a Hesperosaurus mjosi. (Sheesh! When did dinosaurs start getting such fancy names?)

Concavenator corcovatus

Luanchuanraptor henanensis, but I call her Luan.

An actual Stegosaurus (stenops)! Seems chubbier than I remembered.

Which Pelecanimimus polyodon do you prefer? Feathery or non-feathery version?

Allosaurus fragilis. Funny, he doesn't look that fragile to me.

A trio of Deinonychus antirrhopus.

What the Fukuisaurus! It's a robot!

(Don't tell anyone I took that video. I didn't notice any sign but there was a sign forbidding filming at the T-Rex.)

Triceratops horridus. She's not horrible to me, rather a cutie. And her son is adorable.

Hey Oviraptor, dinner time!

More skulls...

A few more beasties.

Everyone's favourite carnivore, Tyrannosaurus Rex or WYREX.

There were several wee children wailing away in fear of this Robot. Good on ya.

 His butt!

There were a few more bony figures but I'll end this post with a few photos of a very cool diorama.

I turned down the blue bronto and opted for some cookies instead.

A pretty cool exhibit, considering how many skeletons were jam-packed into this hall.

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