Pink Panzers!

What do Girls und Panzer and the sharks at Aqua World have in common?
They're both in tanks!

Furthermore, they're both located in the town of Ōarai, a place that my pal Dan (the Man) and I visited en route to Tokyo last Monday. First up a glance at Aqua World*.
*Hint: if you like aquaria, you'll like this place but it is a tad overpriced for what you can see.


Now some of the resident sea creatures. Alas, it was very crowded with tons of kids so getting in-focus pictures was a chore.

Sunfish (above), Sharks (below) and a Ray.

A bad case of crabs.

I love these guys, who knew they were that long!

When an eel lunges out and it bites you on the snout, that's a Moray!
(And yes, I know this isn't a Moray eel, I just like the joke.)

エトピリカ or Tufted Puffins and Harbour Seals.

Jellyfish and a Fugu!

Finally some penguins and a capybara!

Before the security guys could haul me off, I copped a feel from a mermaid.

Here are a few shots of seaside Ibaraki.

Apparently, this bridge and shrine feature in the aforementioned Panzer Girls.

Speaking of Girls und Panzer, we went to a gallery at the Oarai Resort Outlet where the gals buy their swimsuits.

I contributed to the graffiti wall. Can you see what I wrote?

Unfortunately, we were too late for the promotion, so we missed out when the Girls worked part-time at Coco's.

It was getting late, so we departed Ōarai and head to our hotel in Chiba. We chowed down at a nearby Burger King (they are few and far between in Japan) and I had a beer with my meal!

Stay tuned for more hijinks tomorrow.

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